Doberman: Multiple Ways To Train This Dog

If you have doberman in your home then learn how to teach them. Here you will know all about doberman's training.

Before training your Doberman, let’s know about this amazing(though it looks fearful) species of dog. There are mainly two types of Doberman dogs, the American varieties and the European varieties. Both are of great potential, but their traits are very different. Their origin is Germany. Well, I will not go into the history of Doberman Pinscher but would like to tell the various colors in which this dog is available. They are white, black, fawn, red & rust, black & rust, blue & rust, blue, red, and fawn & rust. The height is generally 66-72 cm in the male species and 61-68 cm in the female species. Male Doberman weighs around 40-45 kg whereas female Dobies weigh around 32-35 kg. Their life span is 10-13 years.

Dobermans are actually generous and loving dogs. And also they are loyal as hell! These dogs are very favorable to training. People stereotype these dogs are aggressive fighting dogs, but this fact is valid only when you do not adequately train a Doberman. With proper training and attention, a Doberman dog will surely become your best friend and the best bodyguard. Let’s get into the details of training a Doberman.

Doberman : Multiple Ways To Train This Dog
Doberman: Multiple Ways To Train This Dog

1. Put a collar :

Young Doberman dogs require a collar to train them for physical actions. Body strength will increase as they grow older. For male dogs, you will also need a head collar because they have deeper chests. I recommend purchasing a branded head collar as with it only a quick and sharp pull will control the dog instead of pulling and continue dragging the collar to control. Make sure this domination by collar doesn’t hurt the dog. The pinch collar is another one that will more strictly control your dog if necessary.

Doberman : Multiple Ways To Train This Dog
Doberman: Multiple Ways To Train This Dog

2. Give a reward to your Dobie :

Give your dog a reward when it listens to your command or when it does any good job, but do not punish when things go wrong. You have to teach your Doberman the difference between good & bad calmly. 

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3. Be a firm leader : 

It is necessary to be friendly and understanding for a dog, but at the same time, you also have to be a strong commander to train it properly. Make your Doberman obedient. Obedience in dogs is very crucial to make them learn things effectively. 

4. Practice repeatedly : 

Be consistent with your training. Practice also makes a dog perfect! Instruct your dog to do different actions as you want. But do not mistakenly give overlapping signals to it, because it might be dangerous for you as your dog may get angry and get into a fight with you. Be careful!

5. Make It respond To Its name

Right after you adopt a Doberman, give a name to it. At first, your doggy will not understand this, but repeatedly calling the given name in front of it will make it learn to respond to you or anyone who calls that particular name. 

6. House training of a Doberman

This training is vital to maintain a happy and healthy bond with your Dobie. Dogs are very conscious of the difference between their bathroom spot and where they eat and sleep. By implementing this training, it will teach the Doberman its bathroom manners. Whenever your dog has to pee or do potty, you need to take out your dog outside the house immediately. 

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7. Make them learn to socialize with strangers

As I have mentioned earlier, make your bodyguard learn to differentiate between good and bad people. By nature, they don’t trust anyone and are insecure or threatened by strangers. Take it out on walks, make it introduce to new people, and slowly it will start to play and socialize with them. 

8. Teaching basic commands

Teach your brave dog some basic commands like “sit”, “walk”, “lie down”, “jump”, “run”, “catch”, “throw”, etc. And also train the Doberman to “come” to you, whenever you say it. 

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